What is the purpose of a grassroots activist in an election year? To take action, with a purposeful and passionate drive not seen in most others, toward a goal that has the opportunity to fundamentally change the relationship between the government and the governed. The most successful vehicle to meet that end is the FairTax. This is a message to those who doubt the political viability of our plan and to those who fear to run on it. This past week Americans For Fair Taxation has made available a peer reviewed study of the 2010 midterm elections. Within it was the analysis of each and every House race that involved the FairTax in one way or another. Their findings are staggering in scope and uplifting in outlook. There is verifiable proof that this is a plan endorsed by the American people and rallied to by the voting public. It is our responsibility to drill this message into every candidate’s head from now until election day, to make known that there exists a tax plan that is not only supported by the American people but will rid us of the biyearly tax rate debates that have a crippling impact on the effectiveness of Congress.

To start explaining the findings of this report we should note that of the 435 House races, 114 had people running that supported the FairTax to some degree. It should be noted already that over a quarter of the races had FairTax representation without the large lobbying army that other causes enjoy. Ours is a grassroots effort that requires the voices of regular Americans to grow and thrive. And thrive we have. The FairTax was classified as a significant issue in 30 of those 114 races. That means in 84 races in which the FairTax was supported, the opposition did not choose to raise an issue with its support. Progress is made when you can convince those that disagree to stop disagreeing publicly. Politicians are keen observers of the wind of public opinion. Most choose not to walk against it. What is of incredible importance is that 29 of the FairTax issue races were run by challengers against an incumbent. Of the 29 challengers, 18 won their race. Thus giving FairTax supporters a 62.1% win ratio against incumbents. That number becomes increasingly staggering when examined against the 14.1% win ratio of all other challengers to incumbents.

It is not my wish to bog you down with numbers and statistics to remember or analyze. However, it is critical to understand the earth shattering political implications of these figures. The FairTax in this last election cycle had the power to erase what is called the incumbent advantage. It is a powerful force in politics and proves a daunting obstacle to any potential challenger. It usually takes extraordinary measures to defeat such a built-in ability to win elections. Sometimes that shows up as an exceptional person running for office that changes the dynamic, other times it is large political shifts across the nation having more to do with party ID than individual stance. This case is different. What we have at our disposal is an idea that has the power to reshape the political landscape and alter the connection we have with our own government. As of today we are subjects to an ever expanding state as it increases its desire and breadth of control.  H.R. 25 reverses the political food chain to place citizens indisputably at the top.

Almost as important as supporting the FairTax is defending when attacks and accusations do occur. In the same peer reviewed study of the 29 challengers who ran supporting the FairTax there was analysis of their defense of the plan. In 16 of the races, neither the candidate or grassroots supporters in the area stood up to significant challenges to the plan. Of those 16 races the FairTax candidates won 7. That is a 43.8% win rate. As disappointing as it is to hear it is still higher than the 14.1% suffered by other challengers. However, when the plan enjoyed defense by either the candidate or by activists such as you the win rate was an unbelievable 84.6%. What this should tell you is that we are a force to be reckoned with. When we stand up and speak about this plan we win. It does not get any simpler than that. For the FairTax to pass and the 16th Amendment to be repealed we need 67% of Congress and 75% of the states. We enjoy an 84% win rate when we do our job. This should be an easy task.

How can we judge the success of this idea for the future? We need only to look at the determination of the people supporting it. I look to you. To be clear, those numbers rely upon the activity and coordination of a grassroots apparatus able to reach into congressional districts to answer attacks when they come. We need to have the ability to take the FairTax on the offensive against our current code. When congressional challengers who supported the FairTax ran in a race that did not highlight the FairTax as a campaign issue the win rate was 31.6%. When it was a significant issue the win rate was 62.1%. That means we need to sound the trumpets! We need people to talk, to advocate, to watch for tax debates as they occur. To that end, I have been made a chairperson of a national response team responsible for taking these debates head on. I cannot monitor 435 races on my own. I need your help. Tell me when the FairTax is mentioned, if you know of a candidate who supports it, if there is misinformation or common misconceptions published or spoken. You can reach me at and I encourage you to do so. If you would like to join our nationwide team let me know because we have the proof to answer any doubt that when we advocate we win. We can judge the potential political success of the FairTax by the number of wins we accumulate and we dramatically increase that number when we act.

A telling fact about these numbers is that we had 85 congressmen win in November that supported the FairTax in some significant fashion yet we only have 67 sponsors and cosponsors. What that tells us is that the culture of Washington D.C. is very different from the congressional districts represented. It shows us two facts when studied closely. One is that our efforts are not merely required once every two years. We fully recognize that turning campaign promises into public policy takes more than casting a vote. To achieve political gains one must have political will. Which really means perseverance. It also tells us that our support in congress extends farther than the 66 cosponsors we have in the House. We only need to push a little harder in our home districts. Visit later on this week to see a sleeker and more user  friendly website that will make finding leaders in your area much easier. This has always been a grassroots effort that must be won at the ground level to combat the spending of lobbyists who make a considerable sum on gaming the tax code.

Every campaign and every single election season is nothing more than an ideological war. Candidates use words to express ideas that are opposed by other candidates using words to express ideas. We must not be afraid to enter the fray. We cannot win this fight from the sidelines, to believe so is to forfeit in absentia. In the coming political battles ahead we must remember that information is a valuable asset in politics. We have possibly the most thoroughly researched bill ever to be put before congress. Information is something we have in ample supply; do not be afraid to use it. But even more important to political discourse than information is truth. Truth is that rarest of commodities when defending a tax code that suppresses religious speech, punishes success, molds society to the whims of the bureaucrat, oppresses entrepreneurship, and dictates to the people. Truth is sorely missing from the conversation when defending a tax code that does all of that and more. Shed some light into the proceedings and champion the FairTax. You are not alone in the fight, make sure to tell your favorite FairTax supporting candidate that as well. There is no reason to oppose supporting a plan that has the backing of the American people. Winning an election is much easier than the pundits describe, support a plan that returns power back into the hands in which it belongs, dissolves the IRS, and treats all Americans equal regardless of income. We are there to help with the heavy lifting if you are challenged on the FairTax by your opponent. Support the FairTax today and win tomorrow; that is an axiom we can all get behind.


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