Liberty requires the existence of a crucial member of society. The volunteer. Its absence would have a devastating effect on world history. A volunteer is nothing more than an individual willing to stand up for an idea. It is someone willing to break from the pack and take a step forward when they are needed. The FairTax movement, and a movement it is, could not exist without the tireless efforts of volunteers. America’s founding relied on the strict adherence to the belief that freedom was a cause worth dying for in our earliest volunteers. This brand of individual is represented in our armed forces, in our charities, in our churches, and in our government. Despite the existence of career politicians, there still exist volunteers in an elected capacity. These are the individuals more susceptible to fighting for worthy causes than worrying about reelection. More importantly however, is our swelling grassroots ensemble. Our 50 state-spanning merry band is one of the most active in the nation. Any national candidate worth his salt has heard of the FairTax and is aware of our activism. We must move beyond making them aware and garner their support. We can do so in any number of ways.

The ease in which one can volunteer is deceptively astonishing. It is easy to be intimidated by a national framework of volunteers working in collusion to pass a transformative bill into a law. But the reality is shockingly easy. In this country all it takes for just one citizen to make a difference is the will to act. What we are striving to do is to help the action take a direction and give it a voice. This cohesion creates an amplifying effect giving the actions of a single person a much grander influence. Thereby even simple acts are given a weightier meaning when undertaken. There are simple methods of involvement, such as subscribing to our “FairTax Friday” newsletter at Join our FairTax groups on Facebook or LinkedIn, or connect with other FairTax activists at All of these options can be done without leaving your chair and provide incredible resources for more information on activity in your area. This information will help facilitate any further involvement. As a national organization our key goal is education. The more people that know about the FairTax the more people support it, our idea sells itself. People are ready to throw out the income tax. People recognize the additional cost burden of the corporate tax. People are weary of the multiple tax aspect of the capital gains tax. We can all see that our current system is unfair in every conceivable way. What most people lack is an alternative. Luckily that is exactly what we offer. We should be taking the opportunity of a politically active year to put the FairTax in front of as many eyes as possible. To that end it would be wise to offer to speak to any local political organization you know. Political organizations or civil groups do fine. Since we would be providing a nonbiased and education based presentation we are perfectly suited to church meetings or other non-affiliated community groups. Our DFW group even spoke to a MENSA meeting. Leave no stone unturned. And do not worry if you have a particular hesitation to public speaking; find a local leader who would be more than happy to help you out.

I understand that asking to join up with another political group might be difficult in an already busy campaign season. If the thought of picking up another banner to fight sounds too tough there are less stressful means of helping that are just as important. As with every political cause, we require donations to help move our message across an active nation.  $5 for FairTax is a great way to help the cause with minimal impact on your wallet. One reason that I give in this fashion is because the money donated is sent directly to your state to fund FairTax activities in your own backyard. You can rest assured that the money is being used in such a way as to help you further the FairTax brand at home. One of the reasons we can say we have one of the most heavily researched bills ever to be put in front of the United States Congress is because of your donations. Without the sound economic principles behind this bill and the research to prove it I doubt we could have made it this far.

And there are many opportunities to act within your own backyard. I would first suggest contacting your local Congressman to support the FairTax. The same could go for your Senators as well. If your state is as large as mine or you feel that to be too difficult or out of reach, fear not. We have begun the State Resolution Initiative in an effort to receive affirmation from all 50 states that they will be willing to repeal the 16th Amendment on condition of passing the FairTax. This will be a powerful weapon indeed in convincing Congress of the fortitude in our organization. This will be done at the local level with the help of as many state legislators as we can get. Many of these officials can be found at least once a month at local breakfasts or town halls. They are easily reachable by phone and should be happy to be given the chance to make such a national statement. I am also aware that some find writing easier than cold calling or approaching those in elected positions in person. We need your pen. We need your words. We need them in letters to the editor or more importantly to the members of the House Ways and Means Committee. Our DFW group was fortunate enough to be given audience in Congressman Ralph Hall’s home to discuss the FairTax. During the meeting his top aide gave us advice that we considered invaluable. We asked how a small group could attempt to have an impact beyond our district lines. How could we be heard in the din of Washington lobbyist’s roar? He told us that a hand-written letter to the congressmen’s local office would have more of an impact than a blast fax, email campaign, or even a phone call. So we have added another tab to the website with the contact pages of all members of the Ways and Means Committee. Write away.

I know there are some whose political activity does not begin and end with the FairTax. I am glad to hear it. For those involved with the Republican or Democrat Party please take note. Every four years we activists are given incredible access to the political parties and are able to really make a difference. The political convention process is tailor-made for grassroots group such as ours. Get involved in your party’s convention and vocally support a platform plank supporting the FairTax. If we can get the green light from party officials to support this plan in the form of a platform item then we can target all of those career politicians with much greater ease. This also presents the best chance we have in an election cycle to present the FairTax to the political class to educate and gain even more volunteers. Our system is built on the input of citizens; therefore it is incumbent upon us to give our input, whenever given the chance.

In addition to taking all of these actions it is vital we keep an ear to the ground. Our actions should stir up dialogue. And dialogue in the political world means debate. It is to be expected in a debate of such importance that at times facts will take a back seat to rhetoric. We must remain vigilant against such misinformation and meet it head on. There has been
too much research done to allow mischaracterization. There has been too much work to allow the discussion to be hijacked. My intent is to make the fairtaxcometh Facebook page into a repository of misleading articles and stories. It can be a central area to draw material in which we can refute. It can also be a place to share answers and ideas making us a little stronger learning from the experiences of all.

The difference between our dreams and our destiny is dedication and time. We have shown our dedication and now must prove to others. We have not faltered up to this point and show no sign of bending our iron wills. It reminds me of a speech General Washington gave to his men. At a certain point the young army was disheartened by the inability of Congress to keep its promises and reports of secret meetings reached the General’s ears. He called them to a regular meeting on March 15, 1783 and spoke these words,

“And let me conjure you, in the name of our common country, as you value your own sacred honor, as you respect the rights of humanity, and as you regard the military and national character of America, to express your utmost horror and detestation of the man who wishes, under any specious pretenses, to overturn the liberties of our country, and who wickedly attempts to open the floodgates of civil discord… By thus determining and thus acting, you will pursue the plain and direct road to the attainment of your wishes. You will defeat the insidious design of our enemies, who are compelled to resort from open force to secret artifice. You will give one more distinguished proof of the unexampled patriotism and patient virtue, rising superior to the pressure of the most complicated sufferings. And you will, by the dignity of your conduct, afford occasion for posterity to say, when speaking of the glorious example you have exhibited to mankind, “Had this day been wanting, the world had never seen the last stage of perfection to which human nature is capable of attaining.””

His words echo through history to remind us of our goal. We too may tire of the ineptness of Congress but our actions show that we do not lose hope, we do not act without honor, and we do not bend to those seeking to open the floodgates of civil discord. We will not lose focus on the goal we seek to attain and as the lesson taught by General and then President Washington shows, freedom will prevail. We have only to act.


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