Elections have consequences. The beauty of our system is the fact that we can choose what those consequences will be. That is why the most terrifying force to an unaccountable or corrupt government is an informed populace. Much has been said about the public outcry of the past three years. About the driving philosophy of the TEA party movement, about the overwhelming opposition to a government takeover of 1/6th of our economy, and of the historic wave election of 2010. The analysis has crossed the spectrum, but the truth is far from elusive. People crave liberty. It is an innate sensation universally known. The New World gave mankind the possibility to institutionalize this desire in the form of a representative government founded upon the self- evident truths of certain unalienable rights. This year we face again a national election as we did four short, but momentous, years ago. Are we to choose consequences for ourselves in keeping with the results of the past years, or do we forge a new path, one more in line with our innate desire for freedom? Our actions over the coming months will speak much louder than whatever words we could assemble. For motivation it is important to see just what is at stake.

The passage and implementation of the FairTax will not be an easy task, and the repeal of the 16th Amendment will not be a cakewalk either. The current system has been in place for 99 years, next year marking the centennial for this complicated code brought to us by the same President that instituted the League of Nations. And our tax bureaucracy shows no signs of slowing or stopping its growth. In fact, this year the IRS is looking to add 4000 new agents to step up efforts in hunting down tax cheats. There are multiple problems with this scenario. It is proof that either there is that much inaccuracy in our current tax code which would require 4000 additional people to correct. In which case our current tax code is nothing more than a money sieve. Or there is no oversight in how much that agency is spending and the benefits of catching tax evaders is nothing compared to the cost of hiring 4000 new federal workers. In any case it is undeniable evidence that our system is far too complicated to be of any use in a modern and fast moving world. A rising issue with the IRS that will surely impact the issues we FairTax advocates discuss is the implementation of the new healthcare law. Many of the new 4000 employees are also going to be involved in the new tax rules that will support the new legislation. The IRS also received $303 million to help implement these new rules. The IRS will be much more difficult to dissolve when it becomes entangled with our healthcare. Our task is difficult enough without such interference.

To even the casual observer, the past few years have shown that government has no indication of stopping its own expanse. The only way to do so is through citizen action. It has been said before that this election is about the spirit of America. It is as true this year as it has been every time before. Abraham Lincoln said, “The strife of the election is but human nature applied to the facts of the case.” Every election stands to represent our very nature on a varying number of issues. This election is important because of what both sides represent. On one side rests the continued expansion of government in the name of equality, the other represents the nobility of individual rights which are intrinsically tied to individual responsibility. It is true that the FairTax is a nonpartisan bill, but it was the speech at Osawatomie this past winter that President Obama set himself ideologically against the nature of the FairTax. Covered here at the time, it became clear that no amount of public pressure or political activism would change his mind. It is up to us then to change his job.

This stance has nothing to do with party and everything to do with ideology. Behind this bill is a belief not merely centered in economic study, even though it absolutely is.  The heart of H.R. 25 is the knowledge that a free citizenry is the power of our American economic prowess. The FairTax will allow each citizen the right to the income he earns by removing income taxes and payroll withholding. The FairTax will protect your right to invest your money as you see fit without a penalty for succeeding by removing the capital gains tax. The FairTax will keep the promises made to seniors by removing the lie that is the social security trust funds and ensure the solvency of social security without adding the injurious benefits tax we currently have. The FairTax will ensure the money left to your family goes to your family by repealing once and for all the insulting estate, or death, tax. As covered last week, the FairTax could stimulate the entire economy more than the government has over the past few years without adding a penny to the national debt by repealing in entirety the corporate tax bringing the offshore wealth flooding home. The FairTax does all of this by repudiating the underlying foundation of centralized control enshrined in the current tax code. It opposes it by championing the causes of individual liberty, right to property, and relies upon our intrinsic desire for freedom. It was a steadfast belief in these principles that led our original colonies to begin a revolution against a world empire. Out manned and out gunned they fought for nothing more than an ideal. Luckily our skirmishes are not fought on the battlefield but in the voting booth. Our weapons are not cannon and musket but words and ideas.

Our election is in danger of sacrificing reason to rhetoric; our clarion call for fairness must be made carefully and clearly. As activists we must make tough decisions, and even work against all odds. Volunteers for Marco Rubio saw some pretty dark times in the early days of their primary challenge against a popular governor. But in the end, today there is speculation of a possible Vice Presidential nomination for Senator Rubio of Florida and not Senator Crist. Our actions will undoubtedly have an effect if we apply ourselves judiciously yet energetically to the task at hand. That means sometimes taking on incumbents when necessary. In Texas there is a race between Kenny Marchant and political newcomer Grant Stinchfield. Our local group has done our level best to persuade incumbent Marchant to support our cause. He sat on the Ways and Means committee during our hearing this past summer and he has made it abundantly clear that he will not support the FairTax. To us, that means a change of leadership is necessary and some of our members have decided to volunteer for Grant Stinchfield, an ardent FairTax supporter. This is not a blanket solution for every congressional race and I would trust our activists in their own areas to make the correct decisions. But at this time in our effort we must begin changing minds or changing leadership because the status quo can no longer be tolerated. The longer we wait in the name of political politeness or lack of political will or courage our job becomes that much more difficult.

The fortunate part about a national grassroots movement is that there is a plethora of opportunities to work for a cause. That makes election years a very busy time. There are races to monitor and attacks to answer. There are candidates to vet and meetings to attend. There are blocks to walk and phone banks to run. But the central element to a campaign is also found at the heart of politics. The art of persuasion. Luckily, the FairTax sells itself; we just need people willing to speak. If elections are a study of human nature as applied to the facts, and if they truly do have real consequences, what do we want this election to say about us? Are we to resign ourselves to lives of centralized authority handing down decrees? Or is this the time we make a stand? We know the results of inaction. We know the results of failure. We see it in the unreadable mess that is 70,000 pages of tax law. Get involved and make a difference, the outcome of tomorrow’s election is based solely upon the work of today. We have a before us a chance to change tomorrow. That chance is available to every American due to certain unalienable rights, articulated and expressed by political activists. They changed a world, now let’s shape a nation.


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