For only a few times in our short history has our very liberty come under threat of extinction. The cause of the FairTax is only a furtherance of that liberty, so it is today that we honor and remember those that have ensured for us the rights that we use to shape our society. Today we set aside time to honor those that have given their lives so that we are free to live ours. This Memorial Day should provide for us a time to set aside our political grievances, disagreements, and philosophies and thank the men and women through our history that have given the “full measure of devotion” so that we may have them. It is with great pride that we can celebrate an American Memorial Day. For us, as a nation, we share something that other countries just do not understand. When disaster strikes, when calamities arise, when tragedies occur it is the American Armed Forces that are first on the scene. Not only within the borders of our own country but even in lands and to the aid of people that despise us. Our men and women in uniform exemplify our highest ideals of civic duty and selfless sacrifice.

It was the brave Patriot who shouldered muskets to stand against the tyranny of a globe-spanning empire at our inception. It was brave American soldiers that dramatically increased the size of the country in the Mexican-American war which also featured four future Presidents in the role of defender of the Union. It was the intrepid American soldier that saw through a destructive Civil War to rejoin a shattered nation. It was the pioneering American soldier that crossed the Atlantic to help put an end to the First World War. It was the heroes of our latest generations that took up arms again to defend other nations from the horrors of genocide and avenge the atrocities at Pearl Harbor. It was the Cold Warriors who stemmed the tide of Communism as it sought to spread to all peoples. Both in Vietnam and Korea it was American soldiers who fought against an implacable foe. It was the American soldiers who stopped an invasion of Kuwait in the Gulf War. American soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq this very day in response to terror attacks that reached our shores on September 11, 2001. It is an American that has stood steadfastly on the front lines of liberty. The annals of history record the sacrifices of American blood spilt on foreign shores in the defense of ideals held from our founding to today.

The American soldier is peerless. Whether by draft or by choice, each has crossed the line that separates citizen from hero. It is this trait that we are thankful for and this quality we honor today. Volumes have been filled with the stories of heroism shown by our very own. History has been written by the valor of America’s finest. The world knows and can count on the fearlessness of our men and women in uniform. Although, as FairTax advocates, our cause is important and we cannot afford to lose focus on the goal at hand; we must never lose sight of the bigger picture. We operate in a theater much larger than just our own. Ours is a world in pain, chaos threatens to break free, and it has engulfed countries in the Middle East and is looking to spread. Our cause can be easily lost in the maelstrom of hate and control that comes with tyrannical ways of government that impose, with great penalty, ways that are antithetical to our own. Remember, not just this day, that the evil is kept at bay, that ever-reaching darkness is countered, that tyranny is defeated by our very own American heroes. For the sacrifice and work we thank you. For the choice that is made to join our volunteer fighting force, I thank you. There are not words that can express the gratitude of a thankful citizenry, please then let this day suffice. And know, in every moment of silence, every solemn solute, every wave of that flag, we are thinking of the lives given that grant us the rights that we enjoy. Our freedom was bought with the blood of patriots. We thank you for standing guard at the gate to ensure that such steps are not necessary again.


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