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Today marks the largest step since 1913 to take the Federal taxing power further into your wallet. The income tax amendment passed nearly a century ago allowed the government to directly tax without apportionment among the several states. That language was used in the healthcare decision today when the individual mandate was upheld as a tax. This website has warned against the dangers of an expansionary government. We have examined the use of the 16th Amendment as a tool used specifically to strengthen the role of government in our everyday lives. We have also, more importantly, found a way to stop such a practice. This ruling could not have been allowed without the ambiguous and broad language of the 16th Amendment. We have experienced today the 28th of June 2012 the exact same government expansion seen by Americans on February 3rd 1913. In their case they watched as the ratification of a Constitutional Amendment overturned a Supreme Court decision. Today we saw a Supreme Court decision solidify our greatest fears about the heretofore unseen powers of that same Amendment. The FairTax movement is the only national tax reform organization that has consistently warned about the danger inherent in this Amendment. Many of us are still surprised at its use today. Regular readers will know about the steady pace of government growth since the 1913 ratification. Many more today will realize that there is literally no constraint on government power when it is allowed to directly tax income “from whatever source derived.” Those words echo louder today than at any other time. Let us hope they fall on attentive ears. There is strong support to repeal the death tax. It was temporarily brought down to 0%. If only temporarily. There is discussion of reducing the rates of the capital gains and income tax. Please recognize that these are temporary measures. A majority of Americans have desired the repeal of the Affordable Care Act since its passage. Today’s decision renders such repeal moot. While the removal of this law’s devastating effects will please many, the Supreme Court’s actions have already allowed for such regulatory control. Whether 2, 10, or 50 years down the line, the Congress will still have the blessing of the Court to take this action again or more. So let us change the rules. To ensure the future of our economy let us remove the oppressive burden of government regulation in the form of tax laws. To bring jobs back to our land of opportunity let us rip away the highest corporate tax in the industrialized world. To incentivize legal immigration pass a law that rewards following the law and simply ceases to reward breaking it. To curb the rise of centralized government power, pass a law that returns such power to the hands of the American people. To end the threat of reinterpretation of the word tax, repeal the Amendment that permits such unlimited reinterpretation. Repealing this Amendment today is the only safeguard now against future actions such as today’s ruling. Our cause was not hurt today; we now have an attentive audience. Our liberty was harmed though, and while it is cause for alarm it also proves the need for immediate action. Our freedoms were to be protected with a system of checks and balances. The trump card of course is the consent of the governed. No matter what bill are passed, what laws are signed, what decisions are made, we hold the key to the future of this country. For the FairTax that means our future has never been brighter because it rests with you. We have heard the Supreme Court’s response now it is time to hear yours.

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Many people realize that our branches of government have a rock, paper, scissors relationship of checks and balances. The legislature passes laws, the executive branch can sign or veto, and the judiciary rules on them. The legislative branch overrides vetoes and can impeach members of the judiciary, and the executive branch appoints justices with the advice and consent of the Senate. It is a multifaceted system designed so that the branches would be coequal however a vital piece of the puzzle is often overlooked. There is a trump card left out of the equation, the consent of the governed. It is the ultimate check to balance the system. We elect the people sitting in those positions of power and they are supposed to be representing us to the best of their ability. Because our Constitution is written as a set of rules for the government to follow and the people are to hold it accountable. But over time our founding document and supreme law of the land has been used as a measure of control against us. How else can you justify the rights guaranteed to us by the First Amendment and the difference found in the Sixteenth Amendment? We were given the right to free speech, to peaceably assemble, to our religion, and to a free press. By the time we reached the Sixteenth Amendment the language was reversed. No longer were we told the rights of the people, the Sixteenth Amendment discusses the rights of government. It is the government that is given the right to tax “income from whatever source derived” and the people must obey. Slowly we have been watching this shift, not only in tone, but in the focus of our representative leaders. Where it was once keenly focused on protecting the rights of the states and their people it is now obsessed with usurping those rights. Is there no wonder why so many have lost faith in the American Dream? We are not what we used to be, definitely not what we were designed to be, and certainly not what we could be.  This phenomenon can also be applied to the individual branches. I am sure you are familiar with the accusations of legislating from the bench by certain judges with a more activist attitude. The record of Congressional expansion can be marked by reading a history of the Commerce Clause alone. The past few years have seen the executive branch stretch its legislative muscles in an unprecedented way.

For the founders, this growth was not unforeseen. One of the benefits to a system of three coequal branches was the idea that a government too busy with infighting would have little time to infringe upon the rights of the citizenry. The existence of the Sixteenth Amendment alone should be proof that the American people can no longer escape from that fight. Our Revolution was based upon an idea that taxation should not occur without representation, otherwise it is subjugation. We have since been successful in creating a representative government that changed the course of human history. The idea of a representative government is a popular one and even the most brutal dictators have to pretend to hold elections to create the illusion of one. At the base of this idea is the simple fact that people desire the liberty to choose their own path. In America we have become used to the notion that people of a right and ought to be free. But the acquaintance with such a belief is showing itself to be just that, an acquaintance. Somewhere along the line we have lost our firm grip on this truth and have allowed it to fade into a more dangerous ideology. That people have a right to be successful. The idea that has been fed to us by every teleprompter-wielding electioneer ignores not only reality but human nature at its core. Success cannot be given, it is fought for. The redcoats of the late 18th century did not give the patriots success. The Soviets did not forfeit the Space Race and stop their expansion to give Capitalists success. The terrorists in the caves of the Middle East will not be won over by our compassion and sensitivity to grant us success. Success is achieved, and achievement can only come from effort. We are still called the land of opportunity in certain far reaches of the world. That is what we offer, to every man, woman, and child, opportunity. It can only be ensured when the bulwark of freedom endures, a truly representative government.

Our tenuous grasp on that important key to our past and future seems to be slipping. The powers that be in government seem all too willing to take the wheel for us. The intrinsic nature of the connection between liberty and responsibility has been forgotten. What people desire and what our government desires now are two completely different entities. A major decision will be released this week on the crucial matter of the Affordable Care Act; some know it by the name Obamacare. It is strange that so much time was spent debating a topic that has consistently had more Americans favoring its repeal since its passage. A majority have wanted its repeal, not just disagreed with it. They want it gone. Other measures that were not even supported by the majority of those in government still have the possibility of being passed by other means. The Cap and Trade legislation did not pass through the official legislative channels to become law, that fact has not stopped the EPA from creating the regulations on their own. The President could not find time to pass the immigration reform that he wanted earlier. Instead of working with the other party that was elected in an historic wave in 2010 he unilaterally decided that he would strike out on his own to do it. Even after admitting that he cannot do it on his own he made an election year decision that flies in the face of his own stated beliefs and did it anyway. Although that does not mark the first departure from the defense of law in this executive administration, it already happened with the Defense of Marriage Act, which was signed by a Democrat by the way. There was even a cross over into the constitutionally relegated area of tax law which is specifically designated as the purview of the legislature, which is currently under examination. These are worrying trends that are dangerous to the cause of individual liberty and they show no sign of abating on their own. Former Speaker Pelosi had this advice for the President. That he should unilaterally eliminate the debt ceiling. If our government stops representing its people it is no longer responsive to its needs. Why would we then expect it to listen?

22% of the American people believe that their government is operating with their consent. The other 78% are the very definition of a disenfranchised voter. How are we able to right such wrong? The answer is simple; we retake what is rightfully ours. To no longer suffer at the whims of politicians and bureaucrats we must enter the arena. The fight is on and to choose to be a spectator is to forfeit. We need to assert the will of the American people to regain our proper place in the role of government. The opening salvo should be the strongest move available; it is to rewrite what started us down the long road to government submission. Repeal the tax code. Nearly 100 years ago the passage of an amendment that was far out of line with our founding and against the grain of our ideology created a schism. At the edge of this cavernous abyss ahead of us we need to realize it is time to change course. To all of the dissatisfied, disaffected, disappointed, dismayed, disgusted, and discouraged with the direction in which we are headed there is a remedy. And to those who see no rescue in either party or their candidates there is a cure. Create the parties and leaders you desire by using your vote and more importantly your voice. It is time to stand for yourself and not a practiced politician or an out of touch party apparatchik. The FairTax movement is comprised of people that believe in the value of individual liberty. It focuses on a rearrangement of Washington that places the citizen where he deserves to be, at the top. By taking control of our government back we can, not just forestall, but cease all such rampant government power grabbing. There is no time like the present to begin our works and this past week has seen significant success. We have gained two new cosponsors in the House and are daily making advances to bring our dream to fruition. This movement stands as proof that our land of opportunity is not gone. We still have the chance to redeem our political practices but it will not happen incrementally or with baby steps. There has to be large transformations to create the impact we need. The FairTax is tailor-made for such a purpose. It removes the power from Washington and places into the capable hands of the populace. It frees our industries to produce without tying their hands with a punitive tax code. It reverses the way our political institutions think and act. And looking at where we are headed, sounds to me like progress.

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Yet Another New Cosponsor!!

Thank you to Representative Steven Pearce of New Mexico’s 2nd District. He becomes our 69th cosponsor today. Moments like these should be used to build momentum and continue the fight. Thanks to all of the hard work of our activists!

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Another New Cosponsor

Thank you to Congressman Jo Bonner of Alabama district 1! He is our 68th cosponsor. We are one step closer ladies and gentlemen and moments like these are cause for celebration.

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There is a creeping tragedy in today’s political prognostication. It seems that instead of attempting to discover how best to grow ourselves out of this economic calamity we find ourselves in many are only interested as to where the next bailout will be applied.  (It could also be here) It is a fascination that has consumed Europe and its politics culminating this Sunday in a Grecian election to decide that country’s future. It has pushed the Eurozone to its limits to no avail and here in the land of opportunity we look to which institution we shall remove from consequence, thus responsibility. For many in America the growth of student loan debt marks the next area in need of a government bailout.  This permeates a very damaging misconception. One of the reasons the workforce is so strained and has seen a record number of people leave its rolls is because of intrusive government action. Requiring a bailout from the same government that is causing the problem is throwing good money after terrible policies. Money we literally cannot afford to throw. It need not be said that this recent interest in government bailouts has proven woefully ineffective. Ask Greece who has received two separate bailouts totaling 240 billion Euros, or an amount equal to nearly half of its debt. A delay of the inevitable is only that….a delay. Europe is now attempting to see if it is possible to buy freedom from consequence. They are slowly coming to the realization that effect surely follows cause, the same with gravity as it is with unwieldy entitlement societies.

Our efforts should focus on the policies that will grow us out of this constant economic gloom. We have experience malaise before in this country and it was the intrepid entrepreneurs of America that allowed us to experience “morning again”, we just needed leaders that understood government’s proper role. And in the economy that role is consigned to somewhere as far away as possible. The FairTax would be the proper first step to aid those struggling under a ballooning school debt crisis. There are a number of ways that the FairTax would attack this $1 trillion problem merely by changing the current tax code. First it must be noted that the surest bailout for these recent graduates is a job. To create these jobs it is imperative that we first create a climate most conducive for job creators; otherwise they will head to another location, which is the definition of competition. The FairTax will remove the suffocating regulation and oppressive taxes that hamper a company’s ability to compete here in America. Ripping away the 35% corporate tax would do that in a heartbeat. Creating jobs will provide opportunities to those entering the workforce today that are disheartened and provide hope for those who come after them that an education is not a wasted effort. Secondly the FairTax will ensure that workers will keep 100% of their paycheck. If debt is becoming such a concern they will have greater flexibility with their own money as to how it is spent. If the current tax code remains graduates will have to continue to watch every penny of their paycheck remainder after the government takes its share. Similar to how the mafia operates in neighborhoods they own. Most importantly to current students and future college graduates the FairTax recognizes what an education really is. An investment in human capital. Since there is no capital gains tax under the FairTax therefore there is no reason for a tax on tuition. The two are equal. This should go a long way to curbing the growing school debt crises for millions of Americans.

While the tax code is a major problem facing the future of our economy it is not the only problem. For instance, the dire need for jobs shows no sign of easing especially in regards to the actions taken by the Secretary of Homeland Security last week. In another blatant show of election year pandering the United States decided that it will no longer punish criminals who break the law. Allowing illegal aliens under a certain age to remain in this country based upon an arbitrary set of requirements without the consent of the judicial or legislative branches of government will make the search for jobs far more difficult for those just now entering the workforce. Luckily the FairTax has an answer to the issue of illegal immigration regardless of the unconstitutional and unchecked actions of a runaway executive. Even as the borders open to the sound of the rending of law books the FairTax offers us a chance in incentivize LEGAL immigration. Another topic of discussion that is rarely approached. Since the FairTax is collected at the point of sale any illegal visitor will pay along with every citizen. The difference is the prebate. The prebate will cover the sales tax cost of a basic basket of goods based upon the number of people within a household. This prebate will be sent to every legal American citizen and will not be given to those in this country by a less than legal means. Meaning that it will apply to law abiding citizens and will not benefit those whose first act on American soil constitutes a federal crime.

We live in complicated times, as all generations do. To pretend that our technological prowess can remove us from the basics of accounting or the consequences of our actions is nothing more than a lie or a foolish denial that will result a very grim outcome. We must at some point show maturity or else we run the risk of being defined by our adversities instead of conquering them. Like many mathematical enigmas the problems we face can seem insurmountable or impossible to unravel. But the most confounding riddle seems simple when you know the answer. To untangle the teeming mass of red tape, to unlock the door to opportunity, to break the cycle of joblessness and debt we need only to pass the FairTax. There are very real problems that we are facing as individuals and as a nation. We see other nations fighting the same battles. Let us learn from their failings. We could continue down the road to more bailouts and dire consequences or we can look toward what has made America such a success in the past. Our emphasis on the rights and duties of the individual has crafted an economic engine that has led the world for the better part of a century. Now as American power and strength seems to wane let us stand again for what we did in the past. Individual liberty and individual responsibility are linked. Greece has chosen collectivist ideologies and has had its sovereignty essentially stripped away. We still have a chance to do the right thing here. There is a simple solution to this complicated mess. We just need your help to pass it.

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Electoral victories must always be celebrated. If not celebrated they run the risk of ceasing. The events of last Tuesday in Wisconsin should not be ignored or viewed as a trifle of local politics. Not only was Governor Walker’s win historic in light of the fact no other Governor has survived a recall election in our nation’s history, but that he also won with a wider margin of victory than his initial election. While it is truly exciting news for the people of Wisconsin, Tuesday was also noticeable because of two city elections in the state of California.  Both San Diego and San Jose voted to make cuts to public pensions. While the issue of government spending and taxes may seem completely separate there are larger issues that we must notice or we risk forfeiting an incredible opportunity. A key element in these elections has nothing to do with the Republican/Democrat dichotomy and everything to do with the taxpayer/public official separation. It is this distinction that serves to sever the governed from their leaders and to balloon deficits with reckless irresponsibility.

The source of the troubles faced by Wisconsin and the driving forces behind the votes in California are the threats that public unions pose to the American public at large. To be clear, this is not an indictment on private sector unions which operate in a separate arena entirely. Public unions differ because they operate on the same side as the management that they strike against and bargain with. The part of “management” in this case is played by politicians. Both sides are spending taxpayer dollars and the only ones not present at the negotiating table are those same taxpayers. Distaste for this arrangement was a driving force behind the votes of last Tuesday and prove that American citizens, even in left-leaning states, are ready to take back control of their government. This relationship is rarely scrutinized and, because of that inattentiveness, has grown to unsustainable levels over the past few years. In that time it has grown, as many political relationships tend to, into a symbiotic relationship shared with the union leaders and politicians. The politicians raise wages for public union members, most of whom have dues automatically removed from their paychecks. Do take notice of the propensity for government to automatically remove your money from your paycheck. Those raised wages result in higher dues payments to the union “fat-cats” who in turn use that money to make donations to campaigns of those very same politicians who are voting to raise wages. The current tax code allows for an endless supply of laundered money that not even the world’s largest Laundromat  could contain. I include the link only to prove the relationship. The world’s largest Laundromat is conveniently located just outside of Chicago.

Your money is used to ensure campaign contributions; unions of course also play an active and biased political role. Even as your tax dollars are used to purchase these votes they are also utilized to further a class war that is designed solely to turn out the vote. Class war has ramped up as a topic of political discourse solely because of the looming national election; it was only a year ago that the “99%” were talking of the importance of national unity and togetherness. Now we are told that some are not paying their “fair share”. Do note it is the same administration and party that extended the Bush tax cuts are now loudly complaining of the tax rate for businesses and capital gains. These are prime examples of how the current tax code is presently used for divisiveness and obfuscation. We hold in our hands a plan that will unite and inform. The FairTax will unite the citizenry under one banner so that we can focus on just what exactly our politicians do with the money we give them. Without the divisiveness of our current code we can look objectively at how our public workers are earning more than our private sector and recognize that it is not a sustainable system. Problems that seem insurmountable due to the weeping and gnashing of teeth that currently inhabits the public square can finally see the light of day that they deserve. The issue of public pay and income tax are linked by their common contempt for the taxpayer.

The early Americans fought because of taxation without representation. They won their war. Now we face spending without consent. We have replaced faraway London separated by the Atlantic with a still too distant Washington D.C. entrenched behind an unnavigable sea of bureaucracy. They had to form armies and march to the battlefield, our goal is to turn out the vote and march to the ballot box. It is plain to see the recent successes in Wisconsin and California. If those battles can be won than other states should provide to be easy contests. After all, what choice do we have? We have watched the social safety net transform into a hangman’s noose for the taxpayer. We have watched public unions show us the real danger of “crony governing”. We have lost our ability to decide what happens to our tax dollars among the complex intricacies of a government that has grown beyond our ability to control. We are constantly warned about the danger of outside special interests yet are just now recognizing the real threat of a publicly funded hand directing the wheel. Last week has shown we are ready to correct the course. To steady the ship we need to rein in spending. An incredibly effective way to cut spending, stimulate the economy, and rip away the opacity of government is to pass the FairTax. These steps must be taken if we are to find our financial footing again. The world markets are teetering. This should be the time for America to find our footing, fix our gaze and trudge forward yet again with banner held high. The world can follow our example but only will when we can put our house in order. The stakes are high and the price of failure far too deep to entertain. A day of reckoning is approaching. When it comes what will you be able to say? Was liberty too inconvenient to defend; was freedom to trite to endure to keep? How much damage can we do to ourselves before the consequences become unbearable? Our credit has been downgraded and more countries are taking active steps to unseat the United States dollar as the currency of trade. Are we really ready to concede that America’s role of leadership is over? Does the world superpower lull itself into the sleep of death or do we rise? America has done too much to falter now. Our forefathers built a haven for the oppressed and downtrodden. Out of sheer will they sacrificed their lives to create a land focused not on a monarch but an ideal. Our nation was torn in two and united yet again so that men could be free. We faced tyranny, genocide, despotism, chaos, terrorism and oppression. We have overcome threats directed at our homeland, our interests, our allies, our citizens, from organized enemies. There has not been another people or another country in human history that has done more to promote freedom and equality than we have. If we fail, if we concede we deny our heritage. If the price of freedom is vigilance, then we must remain so. Retain authority over government actions, regain authority of your own property, and remember what brought us to this point. Elections are about more than voting. This year we send a message. We shall say loudly and clearly that we are ready to return control of the economy back to the American public. With that control we reclaim our freedom and chart a new course toward prosperity. Last week we took three great strides in that direction. This November we can cross the finish line.

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In the midst of the economic crises threatening to tear apart the Eurozone the word sovereignty is disturbingly absent. We hear the word “austerity” used again and again and we recognize the need for Greece to get their budget under control however when leaders attempt to do so on this side of the pond we try to recall them. Peering into the crises across the Atlantic provides a rare chance to look into the future. European leaders have tried to warn us repeatedly that if we continue down the road we are on with unsustainable spending and crushing debt our situation will share many unpleasant similarities with the one we are watching Europe deal with now. Another disturbing element of the possible future that we should strive to avoid in the European crises is the lack of sovereignty for the countries involved. Greece has long relied upon the economic strength of its neighbors and is now facing the truth. It is not alone in its predicament. Spain shares many of its economic woes and it is Germany that is picking up the tab. The people of two nations are having their right to determine their own government taken away. The German people are forced to pay taxes and work until they are 62 to bail out a nation that has been irresponsible with its own money and a people that retire at age 50. Now both countries are so strained that their hands are forced into decisions because none can afford to continue the charade.

It is easy for us in America to recline and become complacent watching the riots on T.V. After all, they have spent themselves into terrible debt and are responsible for their own problems. They voted for those leaders and supported these measures did they not? But we never ask what that insurmountable debt number is, and it would terrify us to learn it is only $500 billion. Greece may very well be expelled from the Eurozone this summer over an amount that is close to 1/30th of our own growing debt. How long will we wait to riot? I would wager as long as it takes for someone to call us to collect. We have a Governor in Wisconsin that has taken measures to see that his state does not follow suit, he is in the midst of a recall election that culminates in a vote this Tuesday. There was rioting following the passage of those laws by the very people we allow to teach our children. Can we really watch Greece with anything resembling complacency? What measures could be placed upon us by an outside power seeking to balance our budget? There should not be any cause for alarm; after all, our largest debt holder is only China. A country that hosted a summit this past weekend between former-KGB operative Vladimir Putin and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Clearly America’s best interests are not at heart in the communist nation.

Even without regard as to the threat of the loss of national sovereignty both real in Greece and possible for a reckless spending America, we should realize that we have lost sovereignty already as individuals. This past week marked a step forward for the growing nutritionist movement in New York. When it is not censoring online health advice columns it is taking an active role in what actually goes into our mouths. The ban on all sugary drinks over 16 ounces is nothing more than a slap in the face to the intelligence of the average citizen. It should be clear however that the people of New York are not clamoring for more in the way of government intervention and regulation. Over that past ten years New York has lost 3.4 million residents. Even when allowing for the migration over the same ten year span the state lost a total of $45.6 billion in income. These people have voted in the loudest way remaining for an individual, with the dimming echo of stomping feet as they travel far away. It should come as no surprise; New York has been steadily ranked as the highest taxed state in the union from 1977 to 2006, except when it is ranked second in 1984 and again in 2009 according to the Tax Foundation. Another state with a high tax burden is California. Its regulatory climate is also severe. In 2010, the mayor and board of San Francisco passed groundbreaking energy ordinances. They required commercial buildings to conduct energy efficiency audits every five years and force “optimization” requirements. Accordingly, since 2000, 1.2 million people have left California and culminated in no additional seats in the allotment of Congressional seats after the 2010 Census. This was an historic first for the Golden State. In fact between the years 2009 and 2010 alone 48,877 Californians made for the relatively untaxed state of Texas bringing $1.2 billion of income with them. As a Texan I say welcome but as an American I am saddened. The blatant lesson is lost on so many in power. America lost 129,000 millionaires in 2011 in no small part to the confiscatory nature of a tax code that is far more interested in power, control and redistribution to heal a broken economy. As we look to the Congress what do we see in response? Rationed health, government mandated light bulbs, a national roof color, and a crackdown on car emissions regrettably seem to top legislative agendas.

It seems unlikely that a nation founded upon such great respect for the rights of the individual could be capable of such top-down authority. But we must realize that nothing is off limits when the contents of your wallet belong to the public. I cannot stress enough the language of the Sixteenth Amendment, which gave us the income tax, “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.” The phrase “from whatever source derived” is damaging to the idea of individual sovereignty. Many feel they have a right to move you if they have a hand in your pocket. But this is as far removed as possible from what existed before 1913. We fought a Revolution to displace faraway task-masters with American Pioneers. That spirit of entrepreneurship is ebbing away to be replaced by a greedy entitlement mentality that is sinking Europe and weighing us down with needless and divisive class warfare. The spending aspect of our growing government is closely related to the income tax as well. When resources are infinite then hunger will easily exceed grasp. Remember that our income tax in 1861 grew from a flat tax to a graduated tax the very next year. Also remember that between the years 1913 and 1914 our spending grew by 1.4% of our GDP. That growth exceeded what was done in the previous ten years. These historical examples prove that an income tax is a dramatic and extreme change in the relationship between the government and the people. Now that government has unlimited access to our money government spending has risen to roughly 40% of our GDP and our national debt has reached record and dangerous levels. In the meantime what do we hear from our elected leaders? The problem rests with the 1% who take away from the needy 99%, the issue is in the greed of the corporate jet owners (a problem so severe they warranted their own bailout.), the real issue is millionaires and billionaires, the true issue is that we have not passed the Buffet Rule. All of our focus and hate is directed and aimed toward people only because the government can see how much money they make and wish it was theirs.

If we operated under a system where everyone paid the same percentage of taxes on expenditures it would change the very definition of “economic justice” as it is used today. There is autonomy that comes with 100% of your paycheck that is denied to the American public today but would be enjoyed by all under the FairTax. As mentioned earlier we lost 129,000 millionaires in 2011. Notice that in 2012 the ones who are left still make up the same percentage of “the problem” according to politicians. Why denigrate success? We link autonomy to wealth every day and with good reason. How many people have sought to start their own business so that they could have the liberty to choose their own hours? With success comes wealth, with wealth comes autonomy. That freedom and independence removes any need for a discussion on austerity. To grow our way out of this mess we need the freedom, the sovereignty to act as we see fit. The FairTax returns our rightful individual liberty to us. Those in power and those voting must realize that individual freedom and individual responsibility are intrinsically linked. To those in Wisconsin this Tuesday, that message is an important reminder of what is at stake. The more responsibility we cede to government the less we retain for ourselves. When the sliding scale can legally reach 100% it is a scary balancing game to play. The FairTax is a weight squarely on the side of the citizen. By eliminating the income tax and forcing the funding measures to be scrutinized by the public at large instead of watchdog groups we have a chance to avoid the calamity engulfing the Euro. America has stood strong on its principles of national sovereignty before. Now let us stand up for our own.

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