Electoral victories must always be celebrated. If not celebrated they run the risk of ceasing. The events of last Tuesday in Wisconsin should not be ignored or viewed as a trifle of local politics. Not only was Governor Walker’s win historic in light of the fact no other Governor has survived a recall election in our nation’s history, but that he also won with a wider margin of victory than his initial election. While it is truly exciting news for the people of Wisconsin, Tuesday was also noticeable because of two city elections in the state of California.  Both San Diego and San Jose voted to make cuts to public pensions. While the issue of government spending and taxes may seem completely separate there are larger issues that we must notice or we risk forfeiting an incredible opportunity. A key element in these elections has nothing to do with the Republican/Democrat dichotomy and everything to do with the taxpayer/public official separation. It is this distinction that serves to sever the governed from their leaders and to balloon deficits with reckless irresponsibility.

The source of the troubles faced by Wisconsin and the driving forces behind the votes in California are the threats that public unions pose to the American public at large. To be clear, this is not an indictment on private sector unions which operate in a separate arena entirely. Public unions differ because they operate on the same side as the management that they strike against and bargain with. The part of “management” in this case is played by politicians. Both sides are spending taxpayer dollars and the only ones not present at the negotiating table are those same taxpayers. Distaste for this arrangement was a driving force behind the votes of last Tuesday and prove that American citizens, even in left-leaning states, are ready to take back control of their government. This relationship is rarely scrutinized and, because of that inattentiveness, has grown to unsustainable levels over the past few years. In that time it has grown, as many political relationships tend to, into a symbiotic relationship shared with the union leaders and politicians. The politicians raise wages for public union members, most of whom have dues automatically removed from their paychecks. Do take notice of the propensity for government to automatically remove your money from your paycheck. Those raised wages result in higher dues payments to the union “fat-cats” who in turn use that money to make donations to campaigns of those very same politicians who are voting to raise wages. The current tax code allows for an endless supply of laundered money that not even the world’s largest Laundromat  could contain. I include the link only to prove the relationship. The world’s largest Laundromat is conveniently located just outside of Chicago.

Your money is used to ensure campaign contributions; unions of course also play an active and biased political role. Even as your tax dollars are used to purchase these votes they are also utilized to further a class war that is designed solely to turn out the vote. Class war has ramped up as a topic of political discourse solely because of the looming national election; it was only a year ago that the “99%” were talking of the importance of national unity and togetherness. Now we are told that some are not paying their “fair share”. Do note it is the same administration and party that extended the Bush tax cuts are now loudly complaining of the tax rate for businesses and capital gains. These are prime examples of how the current tax code is presently used for divisiveness and obfuscation. We hold in our hands a plan that will unite and inform. The FairTax will unite the citizenry under one banner so that we can focus on just what exactly our politicians do with the money we give them. Without the divisiveness of our current code we can look objectively at how our public workers are earning more than our private sector and recognize that it is not a sustainable system. Problems that seem insurmountable due to the weeping and gnashing of teeth that currently inhabits the public square can finally see the light of day that they deserve. The issue of public pay and income tax are linked by their common contempt for the taxpayer.

The early Americans fought because of taxation without representation. They won their war. Now we face spending without consent. We have replaced faraway London separated by the Atlantic with a still too distant Washington D.C. entrenched behind an unnavigable sea of bureaucracy. They had to form armies and march to the battlefield, our goal is to turn out the vote and march to the ballot box. It is plain to see the recent successes in Wisconsin and California. If those battles can be won than other states should provide to be easy contests. After all, what choice do we have? We have watched the social safety net transform into a hangman’s noose for the taxpayer. We have watched public unions show us the real danger of “crony governing”. We have lost our ability to decide what happens to our tax dollars among the complex intricacies of a government that has grown beyond our ability to control. We are constantly warned about the danger of outside special interests yet are just now recognizing the real threat of a publicly funded hand directing the wheel. Last week has shown we are ready to correct the course. To steady the ship we need to rein in spending. An incredibly effective way to cut spending, stimulate the economy, and rip away the opacity of government is to pass the FairTax. These steps must be taken if we are to find our financial footing again. The world markets are teetering. This should be the time for America to find our footing, fix our gaze and trudge forward yet again with banner held high. The world can follow our example but only will when we can put our house in order. The stakes are high and the price of failure far too deep to entertain. A day of reckoning is approaching. When it comes what will you be able to say? Was liberty too inconvenient to defend; was freedom to trite to endure to keep? How much damage can we do to ourselves before the consequences become unbearable? Our credit has been downgraded and more countries are taking active steps to unseat the United States dollar as the currency of trade. Are we really ready to concede that America’s role of leadership is over? Does the world superpower lull itself into the sleep of death or do we rise? America has done too much to falter now. Our forefathers built a haven for the oppressed and downtrodden. Out of sheer will they sacrificed their lives to create a land focused not on a monarch but an ideal. Our nation was torn in two and united yet again so that men could be free. We faced tyranny, genocide, despotism, chaos, terrorism and oppression. We have overcome threats directed at our homeland, our interests, our allies, our citizens, from organized enemies. There has not been another people or another country in human history that has done more to promote freedom and equality than we have. If we fail, if we concede we deny our heritage. If the price of freedom is vigilance, then we must remain so. Retain authority over government actions, regain authority of your own property, and remember what brought us to this point. Elections are about more than voting. This year we send a message. We shall say loudly and clearly that we are ready to return control of the economy back to the American public. With that control we reclaim our freedom and chart a new course toward prosperity. Last week we took three great strides in that direction. This November we can cross the finish line.


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