There are a number of similarities between this point in our Presidential contest and the final part of a long distance run. The finish line usually in sight, the work poured into the race thus far has done a great deal to determine your place, and all that is left is to push your body beyond its physical and mental limits to reach the end ahead of your opponent. You know, simple stuff. At this point, the words of the candidates are becoming lost in the fevered frenzy of an election, people are bustling to get out the vote and moving to make any and all last minute organizational moves to prepare for tomorrow. We have moved past the point of the “October surprise” and have watched all the debates; it all comes down to the voting now. The candidates have made their case and it is up to the American people to choose their government over the next four years. As FairTax advocates, the time to make our cause an issue in the campaign is long past, but our influence can still extend in the impact we make on Election Day. We still have candidates that we support and races we want to win. For us, Election Day marks an important step on the road to success but the real work we have to do begins on Wednesday, November 7. After the fallout of the election we have the task of shoring up the support that we have now and extending our reach into the newly elected officials and existing leadership structure. The FairTax will be re-filed at the start of the new Congress which means we have to regain all of our current cosponsors, we should use that opportunity to reach others as well. There is a focus on talking to members of the House Ways and Means Committee and Party leaders already. Tax reform will be addressed regardless of whoever wins at the top of the ticket and FairTax deserves to be a part of that debate. The closing arguments for both of the candidates have been made, there is little more for me to say today. The “ground game” operations are in place, the swing states seem to be up for grabs, and the future of the Senate is still undecided. Nothing I say here will change that and will only take up more of your time. We are on the eve of destiny and it is up to you to see us through. Good luck, work hard, and have fun, because when the dust finally settles the real work to pass the FairTax can begin!


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