Congressmen Of The Month

Representative Louie Gohmert of TX-01 is a supporter of the FairTax in principle but does not believe the 16th Amendment will be repealed. To be clear, this is a friend of the cause and only cautious about having an income tax coupled with a sales tax. We need to reassure him that we will not quit until our job is done. It does not end at the passage of the FairTax but with the repeal of the 16th Amendment. He is an outspoken advocate of lower taxes and individual rights; he belongs in the FairTax cosponsors circle. Let us convince him that we will not cease our efforts if we can count on Congress to do its part. The same grassroots activists that are pushing the FairTax will continue on to the repeal.

T (202) 225-3035 F (202) 226-1230

Kenny Marchant of Texas-24 sits on the House Ways and Means Committee. He was at the hearing about the FairTax and had a positive reaction to it. Our DFW group had a follow up meeting in his office and he was kind enough to meet with us for 20 minutes longer than we were scheduled for. He is however an ardent Perry supporter and has come out in support of the flat tax following the governor’s lead. We need to shift his focus onto a bill that is actually written and will go miles further to help the people than a tax plan our country has already tried. Contact his office and those in his district so that we can have another cosponsor in Ways and Means. T (972) 556-0162 F (972) 409-9704

Tom Cole is the Congressman from Oklahoma’s 4th District. As of this moment he is the sole stand out in all of Oklahoma’s federal representation. His website states that he has read and studied both the Flat tax and the FairTax and likes both plans. His personal preference is for the Flat tax and no reason is given as to why. We need to help him pass the finish line and convince him of the comparably temporary nature of a flat tax and the immense benefits that come with a FairTax. At the least we need his cosponsorship and unify the state of Oklahoma behind our cause! T (202) 225-6165 F (202) 225-3512

Joe Barton of TX-06 is in favor of freeing business by lowering burdensome taxes and eliminating unnecessary regulation. Let him know that the FairTax lowers the taxes to zero which eliminates significant regulations. This will lead as he realizes to economic prosperity and growth. He also calls for a simple system of taxation along with total abolishment of our current code. There is no other plan that accomplishes all of these goals. Let him know it is the FairTax he is searching for. T: (202) 225-2002 F: (202) 225-3052

Jim Jordan of Ohio’s 4th district is regularly considered one of the most conservative congressmen. His voting record is consistent in this area even from his days as a state legislator. It was while in the Ohio state legislature he created the Income Tax Reduction Fund so that any surplus revenues would be used to reduce the income tax instead of increase spending. He is a friend of the taxpayer and is not afraid to buck against House leadership when necessary.  He believes that citizens are better off with more of their own money in their pockets; we should explain that there is a bill that will allow them to keep 100% of their income. He also stands adamantly opposed to the marriage penalty, death tax, and the Alternative Minimum Tax. We should point out that these could be eliminated tomorrow based on the passage of the FairTax today. His conservative credentials and staunch opposition to our current tax system should make him a FairTax supporter with your help.  T (202) 225-2676 F (202) 226-0577



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